Dallas County “Ring of Honor” Aggie Moms

Do you miss the camaraderie that went with being an Aggie Mom? You don’t have to give that up just because your Aggie graduated – we still have something for you! As we enter our 101st year of supporting Aggies AND their moms, the DCAM Board has created an honorary group of Aggie Moms called the “Ring of Honor” (RoH) Moms for those who no longer have a student attending A&M but wish to remain a member of the Club, keep up with Aggie activities and continue to visit with the friends we made through Aggie Moms.


  • The Ring of Honor Moms are assembled as an auxiliary to support the Dallas County Texas A&M University Mother’s Club.


  • You must have a former student of Texas A&M University and all current Aggie children are no longer enrolled as an undergraduate.
  • Pick a membership” Active or Associate – you can choose on our membership form. Life members, please indicate that on your form.
    • DCAM Active Member – can hold office, may serve as Federation delegate, can attend events, will receive emails, full voting rights, can choose Student Organization recipients at end of year vote.
    • DCAM Associate Member – may not hold an Elected Position but can hold a committee chair position, may not serve as a Federation delegate, will receive emails, can attend events, no voting rights, cannot choose Student Organization recipients at end of year vote.
  • Meet as often as able for get-togethers; to keep up with our former students and to maintain our Aggie Friendships.
  • No offices, no jobs, no extra dues – just fun!


  • The Ring of Honor Moms will be recognized at a General meeting.
  • The Ring of Honor pin/pendant/ribbon may be purchased to represent the continuing commitment to the moms of Texas A&M and to the Dallas County Aggie Moms Club.

If you are interested in joining or require more information, please contact us at DCAM100Years@aggienetwork.com

Once an Aggie Mom – always an Aggie Mom!