Student Organizations

One of the best things about being a Dallas County Aggie Mom is being able to direct a portion of our club’s proceeds to one or more of your favorite student activities!

The allocation and distributions take place at the end of each school year. Listed is a breakdown of the organizations that received funds from 2020-21 fundraisers. As you can see, our members support a wide variety of groups!

TAMU Student Organizations

61.88    12 Astronaut Lab
61.88    12th Can
61.88    180 Consulting
92.82     A Company Band
154.70   A&M Methodist College Ministry
30.94     Aggie Band Endowment
30.94     Aggie Men’s Club
154.70   Aggie Robotics
154.70   Aggie Wranglers
30.94     Agricultural Systems Management
30.94     Alpha Chi Omega
185.64   Alpha Omicron Pi
30.94     Biomedical Sciences Association
61.88     Breakaway Volunteers
61.88     Business Honors Association
61.88     Business Student Council
61.88     Camp Kesem
30.94     CARPOOL
30.94     Catholic Students Organization
278.46   C-Company
61.88     Cepheid Variable Club
154.70   Chi Omega
30.94     Class of 2022
6188      Delta Epsilon Mu
30.94     Delta Eta Pi Dance Honor Society
154.70   Delta Sigma Phi
92.82     Delta Zeta
92.82     Eta Kappa Nu
154.70   Fish Camp
154.70   Freshmen Reaching Excellence in Engineering
30.94     Future Aggie Nurses
123.76   Gents of Texas A&M
30.94     Golden Key International Honor Society
30.94     Guide Dogs
92.82     Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers
30.94     Kappa Alpha Theta
154.70   Kappa Delta
30.94     Mays Business School Consulting Club
123.76   MSC ALOT (Aggie Leaders of Tomorrow) Endowment
154.70   MSC Freshmen Leadership International (FLI)
30.94     MSC Hospitality
247.52   MSC Opera and Performing Arts Society (OPAS)
30.94     Order of Omega
61.88     Paradigm
154.70   Phi Delta Theta
185.64   Progressively Reaching Excellence in Professionalism
30.94     SGA – Student Senate
61.88     Sigma Alpha Mu
154.70   Texas A&M Paranormal Society
92.82     Texas A&M University Robotics Team and Leadership Experience (TURTLE)
30.94     The Big Event
61.88     Traditions Council
61.88     Ultimate Frisbee Sports Club
92.82     Younglife Leadership Training
340.34   St. Mary’s Catholic Center
150.00   Mothers’ Club Library Endowment

  $5,255.10  Student Organizations

  $5,500.00  Scholarships & Award

  $10,755.10 Total year-end distributions