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Meetings and informational programs are generally held during the school year on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m., with social time 30 minutes prior.

Meetings will be via Zoom until in-person gatherings resume at University Park United Methodist Church (Fellowship Hall), 4024 Caruth Blvd., Dallas, TX 75225. This is a month-by-month decision.

2020-21 Meetings

September 17 

Speaker: Andy Armstrong, Director, University Advising, TAMU Office for Student Success
Meeting Minutes

October 15

Speaker: Jill Grimes ’87, MD, author of The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook, Anxiety 101
Meeting Minutes

November 19

Speaker: Samantha Wilson ’91, Executive Director, TAMU Career Center
Meeting Minutes

January 21

Speaker: Angela Winkler ’95, Assistant Director, Student Assistance Services
Meeting Minutes

February 18

Founder’s Day honoring Past Presidents & our 99th Birthday + New Logo Reveal
Meeting Minutes

March 13 (10 am, outdoors)

The Big Event: Easter Baskets and supplies for Hope Supply Co.
(No business meeting)

April 16

Speakers: Luke Altendorf, Memorial Student Center Director, and Mark Sterling ’21, MSC President

2019-20 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2020-04-23 (Election of 2020-21 Board)
Meeting Minutes 2020-02-20 (Founder’s Day, Lasagna, University Police Department)
Meeting Minutes 2020-01-16 (Baked potatoes, Dr. Henry Musoma, inaugural Mays Business School Spirit Awardee)
Meeting Minutes 2019-11-21 (Breakfast for dinner, Dave South, Voice of Texas A&M Athletics)
Meeting Minutes 2019-10-17 (Chili cook-off, John Sharp)
Meeting Minutes 2019-09-19 (Tailgate supper, DCAM Open House)